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2017 VW Models

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2017 VW Models

 Fascination and consistent innovation. The MQB improved all aspects of the Tiguan. The body proportions of the Volkswagen SUV reduction plans are especially sporty, the design was forwarded charisma in every respect, and the weight of the vehicle reduction factor is UH more than 50 kilograms In the comparison to the previous model with Euro 5 engines. In relation to space and boot bottom area of the vehicle made a gigantic leap forward. For example, if the new Tiguan on the rear bench seat is loaded, there are 615 litres of boot space. When the rear seat back rest are folded, this leads to a total capacity of 1,655 litres, die represents the elevation of 145 litres. Now show the engines efficiency gains. A variety of eight engines are offered; Their power outputs Continental Cup 85 kW / 115 HP to 176 kW / 240 PS: the motors are stronger, but you are up to 24 percent more fuel than the predecessor model with Euro 5 engines. The new 4MOTION of easier than individually per before the all-wheel drive on all possible circumstances to adapt active control system power.

 The superior design of the propulsion system, the Tiguan is designed for Jumbo trailer loads of up to 2,500 kg. Meanwhile, Assistant system perfect of vehicle comfort, dynamics and safety (including assist front with city emergency braking and pedestrian monitoring, lane assist and automatic brakes engaging post as standard). Online Services Add, new service dimensions (including automatic crash notification, online traffic and parking, air vehicle status report). Is a shelf that all today’s Smartphones von Apple and Android app connect worlds electronics in the functionalities of the infotainment systems integrate and even tablets are an integral part of the automobile dank of the media-control app dies with the Volkswagen Tiguan led one is extensively to SiSy A SUV (sport utility vehicle) segment. The Tiguan is no crossover between the worlds – rather it has an out new and authentic SUV world in home market. You die for SUV, will meet all expectations – on the road and In the area. “Die SUV.”


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