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Lexus CT Sport

 There is no magic required athletic performance with EPA fuel economy estimates of 43 MPG city / 40 MPG Highway / 42 MPG combined. It takes only the world’s deepest also hybrid competence and experience. In the CT 200 h, which translated a 1.8-liter inline four-cylinder gasoline engine teamed to a 650 volt power/generator for a combined performance of 134 HP. A nothing motor in the hybrid system respect as a motor starter and generator to the hybrid battery charge. The drivetrain is a electronically-controlled continuously variable transmission (E-CVT) revealed, that makes the best use of the instant torque of the electric motor and semester quick the effektvollste ratio, that is driving experience to Verbessern.

 Es die self-discovery process technical details, die really a difference in the CT fuel efficiency. For example, a heat recovery but the heat of the spent exhaust gases uses Geschwindigkeit engine to reheat coolant. Thus the hybrid system will come earlier and more often in the driving cycle Caribbean to the standstill of the motor, if it does not need, E.g. In the low-power-demand city driving a Hut.Wie other Lexus models, die CT 200 h provides a wide variety of vehicle VDMA a driver’s fingertips through the system Lexus drive mode select. You can from four different modes select: normal, sport, ECO and EV. Normal mode die of course hat of an essentially linear throttle response, progressive power. “Sport” mode results in a more responsive and dynamic Fahrerlebnis.Im eco mode is air conditioning setting and throttle response relative to the pedal angle to stress reduces fuel consumption. Under certain moms can 200 h short die EV mode of CT will be driven distances with only the electric motors. It is ideal for crawl through a crowded parking lot or garage in the search for a room, for example.


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