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Nissan: A Storied History and an Exciting Future

Nissan: A Storied History and an Exciting Future

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“Today, the Nissan distinct cars is really a familiar site to Americans, but that has been not always the situation. Nissan is the consequence of a 1934 merger relating to the “DAT” car company as well as the manufacturer Jidosha Seico Co., Ltd. Prior towards the merger, DAT built trucks, along with small passenger cars within the brand names DAT and Datson, which meant “son of Dat.” Nissan changed the name Datson to Datsun, and also the first Nissan Datsun was internal April, 1935. However, in 1938 the organization moved faraway from building small automobiles for civilians towards trucks and vehicles for that Japanese military during Second world war. When the war resulted in 1945, Nissan’s production facilities were put under Allied control. It was 10 years before Nissan received full power over its company back.
Once Nissan had full control of its company, it proceeded forward at breakneck speed. Starting in 1952, Nissan a license to gather 2000 Austins and then sell on them in Japan beneath the Austin license. From that small start, Nissan wound up selling over 20,000 Austins on the next seven years.
The very first Datsuns manufactured by Nissan found its way to the United States through the 1960’s. Nissan introduced Datsuns to America the first time during the 1959 La Auto Show, which generated a handful of sales that year plus the formation of Nissan USA, a subsidiary of Nissan in Japan whose sole purpose would have been to provide a marketing stream for the Nissan Datsuns. It wasn’t until the mid-80’s that Nissan completely dropped the Datsun name and transitioned to Nissan.
Originally, all Datsuns/Nissans were made in Japan, but from the early 1980’s, import tax issues led Nissan to open its first plant, an assembly plant, in the us, in Smyrna, Tennessee. A second plant for building engines in Tennessee followed, as did another assembly plant in Mississippi. Today, Nissan has plants in over 17 countries around the globe, demonstrating the extent this agreement Nissan has become a global supplier of automobiles.
Other recent Nissan firsts include the introduction of Nissan’s first regular size pick-up truck for your American market in 2004 with all the Nissan Titan, which may tow as much as 9500 tons, an extremely large weight for any Japanese manufacturer as well as the recent introduction from the Nissan Leaf, Nissan’s first all-electric car, containing had surprising success in the market for taxi-cabs as well as steady sales for consumers, particularly in California, Florida and New York, some of the states where it first debuted.
Looking to the future, Nissan has plans in the future to introduce a Pathfinder Hybrid, and is also currently manufacturing the NV200, which won the “Taxi of Tomorrow” contest in Nyc. If you want to go to whichever of Nissan’s line of current cars, or receive information regarding the Pathfinder Hybrid, a good option to go is your local dealer, dealerships including Empire Nissan.
Nissan which experimenting in concept cars, one of the most widely publicized of which is the Project 370z concept car, which was the result of a Nissan project which invited z-enthusiasts to create suggestions for improvements towards the standard 370z for the Nissan Performance Facebook page. Nissan culled the best suggestions through the page, after which built a prototype which it introduced with the annual meeting of z-fans called zDayz in Tennessee. The car was a moment hit, however there are no plans currently to market the Project 370z car. Another interesting concept car is the ESFlow, which is Nissan’s first 100% electric high-performance fancy car. The Ellure is Nissan’s current luxury sedan concept car. Although they have many improvements under the hood, most viewers will likely be most mesmerized by the doors, which as opposed to opening parallel to each other open to face other, creating an extra-wide opening towards the car. Another concept car, the Nissan TeRRA, is really a crossover SUV 4 x 4 by having an all-electric motor. The car uses three electric motors fueled by hydrogen fuel cells rather than the Lithium Ion batteries currently used in most planet today.


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