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VW GTI Clubsport

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VW GTI Clubsport

 In a world premiere at the LA car mobility today, Volkswagen of America, Inc. Adventtures die latest generation of e-golf. Compared to since predecessor, which offers 2017 e Golf an improved offer, more power and new features. for 2017, Volkswagen uses a new lithium-ion battery, author energy capacity has been increased by 24,2, kWh kWh on 35.8. The new battery increases reach um die 50 percent, aiming at a range of up to 124 miles on a single charge. The 7.2 kW on board charger is now standard on SE and SEL premium-ťtrimmenŤ, allows the battery fully in less than six hours an a traditional charger loaded will be. Can die when equipped with DC fast charging (optional on SE, SEL premium standard) battery to 80 percent is an hour when a DC charged fast Ladestation.

 Der performance was also updated. It now develops 134 Horsepower, die 19 HP more than the first version of the e-golf. At the same time the maximum torque of the electric motor of 199 pound shop, 214 nm will be increased. Dying-2017 e golf goes zero to 60 km/h more than a second faster than its predecessor, now in only 9.6 seconds, and its top offers new, high-tech features e Golf increased to 93 km/h to Beschleunigen.Das 2017 as the fully digital and interactive Volkswagen digital cockpit. Optional social insurance number system, all instruments – on special e-Golf instruments like the power meters – are put into practice on a 12.3-inch color display. There are information profile opponent, die die in certain areas of debut album art of information and network status.

 Information contact images ads or an album cover on driving, navigation and assistance functions and telephone Werden.Sterben integrates discover Infotainment System Pro ťtrimmenŤ Hat available a large 9.2 inch glass with a complete new design ads. For the first time in a Gulf there is the home screen configure possible, individually. Moreover, should die innovative gesture control, has American market at CES 2015 debuted in the next two years for the US reality.

 Gesture control works in a variety of menus. It was all man business guide is a hand-swipe gesture, the horizontal menu items to the left or right so that the users through the main menu navigation, radio station, or to the next song skip to move. The e-Golf are the Volkswagen car NET app still remote access via (including battery charged and additional air conditioning), as well as car NET app-connect to die for 80Serie smartphones, Apple CarPlay™, Android car™ and MirrorLink® integration and guide & inform services Anbietet.Volkswagen extends also the offer of driver assistance systems for the e-Golf In the year 2017 model.

 Forward collision warning with autonomous emergency braking (front assist) adds pedestrian monitoring acoustically and visually, think the driver brake pressure increases, and if the driver doesn’t respond, Knorr-Bremse um die a collision with a pedestrian, as well as other vehicles to decrease. An optional driver package help SEL Premium includes following functions: Volkswagen digital cockpit, Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC), forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking (front assist) with pedestrian control, blind spot monitor plus, lane assist, Park Assist and light Assist.Die Modellgepflegte golf family debuted in Europe first before a week, and 2017 e Golf leads the design effect in the U.S. market. Die outstanding outer check-ins are new bumpers, front fenders and LED headlights and rear lights. Dying in new front bumper integrated die distinctive C-shaped auxiliary LED daytime running lights and is accented with the traditional blue grille trim in the newly designed headlamps carries. Dying was back also developed more charismatic are. Together with a new bumper SiSy new LED rear lights die design. Inside, new decor and seat trim e-Golf is a fresh look.


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